The Challenge

During normal operation of the truck the Invertex™ cabinet, 24 volt cabinet and operators cabin are prone to collecting dust. Traditionally the cabinets have been cleaned using compressed air with PPE in place as a safety control.

Legislative changes introduced meant that the mine must implement dust monitoring procedures in accordance with Recognised Standard 14 to ensure that people are not exposed to dust levels specified in the Coal Mining Safety and Health Regulation 2017.

On investigation the level of exposure during the blowing out of the Electrical Cabinets was unacceptable and the site SSE stopped the cleaning until a suitable control was found.

Proposed Solution

Austindo had been researching and developing a solution to this issue since 2015. The M14477 – Dust Extraction System was complete and ready for trial.

The negative pressure cleaning solution provides high air flow and places a physical barrier between the worker and the dusty environment. Compressed air is used to disturb the dust which is quickly drawn away from the work area and filtered through a Donaldson filter assembly.

Final Outcome

ACS provided a unit for trial onsite, with site closely monitoring the dust exposure levels proving successful. After SSE approval the unit was purchased and has now been in operation for almost 12 months.

Customer Feedback

"Not only has the unit improved safety for the maintainers onsite, there have been dramatic reductions in random electrical faults related to dust on our Komatsu 830e fleet. With less than 45% of down time incurred over the last 9 months when compared to the 9 months prior to introducing the dust extraction system."

Capability Statement

ACS are continually looking for innovative ways to improve safety, reliability and usability. The ACS7500, Accumulator Pressure Display (APD) and Digital Blower Pressure Switch (DBPS) are just a few examples of our custom solutions.

We are expanding the capability of the dust extraction system to include Operators Cabin, Main Alternator and Wheelmotor blowout capabilities. Contact our team to see how we can help.

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