Specialised Field Service

The Challenge

Several mines required additional electrical support, specifically high-quality electricians who can effectively and efficiently provide truck maintenance and support.

Proposed Solution

ACS supplied electricians undergo ACS developed comprehensive training both prior and during assignment to the mine. ACS provide phone and online backup to their staff 24/7 to ensure second to none electrical support.

Final Outcome

After several years the program is working well, Mine employees also undergo ACS training and several ACS employees have gone to work directly for the mine.

This partnership has ensured both the mine and ACS have been able to successfully navigate commodity price cycles and skills shortages.

Customer Feedback

"As maintenance manager of a large coal mine I often required additional subject matter experts to compliment the permanent workforce I employed to ensure the highest levels of reliability and componentry were used.  The Austindo Consulting Service (ACS) partnership was formed as a direct result of the level of training, experience and backup support they offered from their employees and leaders.  ACS offered a high level of technical competence from their technicians in both the field and on major overhauls  of a diverse range of equipment and components when the likes of Caterpillar and Komatsu could not supply them.  Most companies offer general trade skills and knowledge, if you are looking for that edge in turnaround time and reliability, as well as the opportunity to train and coach your own personnel, ACS can offer this to you."

Capability Statement

We have a well-trained and technically supported team of specialised truck electricians. Each of our employees are put through our extensive training plans that range from Truck safety modules specific for the Komatsu 630e – Komatsu 930e systems to advance training on the Invertex Drive systems.

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