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ACS is proud of its reputation as a specialist Electric Drive Truck supplier. With a proven track record in supporting our clients from a service and maintenance perspective ACS has now invested heavily in the development of a complete range of training modules aimed towards those working on electric drive trucks, specifically those utilising the StatexTM or InvertexTM Drive system.

The modules are designed to cover all experience levels and are broken into ‘bite sized’ pieces to form a complete training solution for your personnel. In addition these modules can be delivered on an ad-hoc basis or in one of the ACS tailored packages.

Training Modules

We have divided the modules into 3 sections, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

ABM modules: 

  1. ABM001 Electric Drive Truck Safety Awareness Training
  2. ABM002 Contactor Maintenance Training
  3. ABM003 Electric Drive Truck Servicing Techniques - AC
  4. ABM004 Electric Drive Truck Servicing Techniques  -DC
  5. ABM005 DC Drive Overview
  6. ABM006 AC Drive Overview
  7. ABM007 Laptop Training

AIM modules: 

  1. AIM001 Rotating Maintenance Training*
  2. AIM002 DC Drive Training
  3. AIM003 AC Drive Training
  4. AIM004 24V System Training
  5. AIM005 PLM Training
  6. AIM006 ARP Training

AAM modules: 

  1. AAM001 Advanced Laptop Skills Training*
  2. AAM002 Advanced DC Drive Fault Finding Training*
  3. AAM003 Advanced AC Drive Fault Finding Training*


In total there are 16 modules with all but 4 fully developed.

We welcome all enquires and will customise the training solution to your onsite needs.