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ACS dedicates time to the development of innovative products and services. We continually strive to provide solutions that add value to our customers operation.

Our dedicated team constantly strives to keep ACS at the leading edge of innovation in key areas such as:  

  • Product Enhancements
  • Data Analysis
  • Training


Product Enhancements

ACS are proud to offer a range of products that have been improved or enhanced to increase system reliability and simplicity. Products include:

  • AID Panel Replacement - The AID panel replacement system removes the existing AID system from the truck and replaces it with a unit that offers substantially enhanced capabilities over the original system.
  • Selector Switch Enhancement - Known inherent defects within the selector switch have lead to modifications to increase the overall component life as well as enhance the ease of operation.
  • P1 Prox Switch Modifications - A solid state proximity switch has replaced the existing mechanically operated switch to remove wearing parts that cause the need to continually adjust and therefore increase reliability whilst reducing maintenance.
  • AC Filter and GRR Replacement Panels - Manufactured from stainless steel, these components are built to increase life whilst adding IP2X compliance.
  • RP Contactors - AC drive trucks - Modifications to the armature assembly remove known failure points, reduce the maintance requirements and increase the life of the armature.

In addition to our range enhanced products we also stock 'emergency' quantity of various components to help support the mining industry and our ACS field personal.

Data Analysis

ACS is focused on leading the industry in service and support. Our Data Analysis system "DATASTRUCK" is designed to not only offer an immediate automated analysis of the equipment's electrical integrity, but also provide long term advanced analysis and support to assist our customers maintenance activities.

Please refer to our Data Analysis page for more information


ACS provides specialised training for our staff as well as many of our customers.  Our training modules are designed around the minimum skills expected of electrical site personnel in today's environment. We have put together a comprehensive suite of modules designed to provide real skills and outcomes in manageable portions.

Please visit our Training page for more information.


Stainless Steel IP2X


ACS PCB used for AID panel replacement systems