Component Supply

One method ACS can support your operations is via the supply of drive system parts. This could be in the form of Service Exchange or direct supply. Our preferred method is to work in a collaborative function to ensure we stock what you want at the levels you need. Of particular focus is our quality control to ensure the goods supplied are correct and free of any defects.

Within the drive system we currently supply a broad range of parts not limited to the following broad areas.


ACS hold a broad array of drive system consumables from brushes to springs. Please don’t hesitate to make contact with the team to discuss your consumption rates and our stock levels to support.

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ACS hold stock of every drive system contactor for immediate dispatch. Alternatively we can provide repair services or offer Service Exchange options.

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Whilst the Drive System control cards are a reliable drive system component when they do fail ACS can provide 24/7 quote and dispatch. Don’t hesitate to contact the team.

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Power Supplies

ACS provide supply or repair services for all power supplies. This includes both the Statex III and Invertex drive systems.

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